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Club Car Subaru EX40 Connecting Rod #105013201 $140.00

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Your Trusted Source for Quality Golf Cart Parts and Accessories. Family-owned and operated since 1990, specializing in supplying parts to dealers, home enthusiasts, and various outlets. With a rich history rooted in passion and dedication to the golf cart community, we offer top-notch products and unparalleled service.

26615-KIT " EzGo camshaft and gasket engine kit $305.00
Club Car Subaru ex40 Timing Chain #105015001 $49.50
1017911KIT $89.50

Our Products

Eagle Golf Cart Parts offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products tailored for Club Car, EZ Go, and Yamaha golf carts. From essential maintenance components to performance-enhancing upgrades, our inventory is meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of golf cart enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for OEM parts or aftermarket accessories, we have everything you need to keep your cart running smoothly and looking its best. Explore our selection and elevate your golf cart experience with Eagle Golf Cart Parts.

Client Testimonials

"These guys have been in the golf cart parts business since the late 80s. They have decades of experience and were the first in South Florida under the name LVS Sales to sell wholesale parts. I’m so glad they are back under a new name as golf cart parts have been a passion of theirs for so long. Definitely want to work with passionate and knowledgeable people. I am able to keep all my carts running all year round!"
Chris Storch
"Good prices, good service. Had the part I needed, picked it up immediately. Everything went smoothly. I installed the part and the golf cart works now. At the end of the day, this is the goal, so I’m happy I purchased from them, and will be happy to do so again”
Jason Kraker


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