Effortless Igniter Diagnosis: Testing and Replacing Without Removal – Club Car 1991-1997 (Part Number 1016491)”

Checking and replacing the igniter on your Club Car can be a hassle, but Eagle Golf Cart Parts has a solution that simplifies the process. Our kit allows you to check the igniter without removing it entirely, saving you time and effort.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by removing the igniter from its box and placing it in the corner at the top of the carburetor.
  2. Next, reach under the installed igniter on your engine and disconnect the wire connected to it.
  3. Take the wire provided with your new igniter and plug one end into the new igniter and trace the other end to the bottom of the previously installed igniter.
  4. Locate the old igniter wire plug, remove it, and insert the new wire into the same terminal end.
  5. Now, turn over the engine and check for spark. If you see spark, you’re all set. Leave the new igniter screwed into the carburetor-mounted position, and you’re ready to go.

Forget about the old igniter mounted on the engine; our kit ensures a seamless replacement process without the mess and uncertainty of traditional methods. Get back on the road with confidence, courtesy of Eagle Golf Cart Parts’ igniter kit.

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